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  • vayumahesh
    03-31 05:28 PM
    I have received an RFE on my I-485 application to provide a copy of birth certificate. However, I have submitted the birth certificate and affidavits from my parents when I filed for I-485.

    I am from India. Since the name is put after few months of birth, my name is not present in the birth certificate. I am not sure if the RFE is due to this. But all the (or most) people from India would be in the same zone, right (not having name in birth certificate) ?

    Is anyone in the same situation as me ? What kind of documents have you submitted for the birth certificate requirement ?

    Here is my RFE
    The documentation submitted is not sufficient to warrant favorable consideration of your petetion/application.


    Submit a copy of your birth certificate showing your parentage, which has been registered with the proper civil authorities of the country of your birth.

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  • Sushana
    01-15 11:52 AM
    transfer of H1 will work. Enjoy

    mrdelhiite, Thanks a lot for the information. I really appreciate it.


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  • FredG
    May 13th, 2004, 10:53 PM
    I'm constantly amazed at how far I can push a shot through cropping or enlarging or both. My old D30 struggled a bit, but the D60 and 10D (and 300D as you've shown) have enough pixels to extract a lot. The 1D has a "lowly" 4mp, and I didn't expect much from it. DavidP sent me a shot from his 1D to play with, and I enlarged it to a 13x19 print without the pixels even breaking a sweat. Don't we live in a wonderful age for photography?

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  • kaisersose
    07-28 03:48 PM

    I am presently working on L1B for company A. This year Company B applied for H1B and same is approved received the approved letter with I-94.

    Now I would like to continue in my current job with Company A till I find long project (Minimum 6 Months). My question here is can I continue in my current job after OCT 1st in my L1B Status.

    If I want to continue in L1B status what should I do? As of I heard if I travel out of the states and reentered in US after OCT2nd on L1B visa I can continue with L1B status. then what happens to my H1B status? Can I directly move to H1B status when I find a project from Company B?

    Please let me know how I should proceed to keep L1B and H1B status valid after OCT1st?

    To keep your L alive after Oct 1st, you should travel out of country before that date and return on L on or after the 1st.

    But now your H will no longer be valid. To activate it, you will have to go out, get a visa stamped and return using the new visa. Alternatively, you can also apply for a brand new H-1b as you have been counted against the cap. This new H-1b can be applied as a change of status from L.


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  • yabadaba
    12-27 10:09 PM
    Hey all,

    I just efiled my EAD. (first one, not renewal). Do I need to send any supporting documents?

    If so which ones?

    They asked about previous EADs and I had 2 of them (one main, other interim 90 day rule) for my OPT after masters. Do I need to send a copy of those?

    Plz help.

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  • nashorn
    12-15 12:50 PM
    You need to make it more clear to get help.

    You said she got a H4 stamp when she first came to the US based on your H1B. That could not be true. She must had a I-797 approval notice of her H4.

    You need all her I-797s of H4. Check the starting and ending times on them. Their should be no gap between. Any gap, if during which she was in the US, means illegal stay. But, if she had left the US after the gap and returned legally, the gap wouldn't be treated as illegal stay when you file 485. The evidence you need to prove this the her I-94s. All the VISA she'll ever has are the ones in her passport.


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  • Steve Mitchell
    January 28th, 2004, 08:30 AM
    In my opinion, one of the more intriguing product announcements from Nikon today was the Coolpix 8700. If it improves significantly from the Sony, that could be a killer product. Right now, Canon is lacking a bit in the true consumer DSLR market. But then again, PMA is right around the corner. Click here ( for the 8700 infp.

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  • poojasjain82
    02-04 04:01 PM

    I have an H1, with a receipt date of April 2006. It was valid till July 2008. I came to US on that H1 in 2007 for 2 months. After that I have been working in India till March 2009.

    Currently I am on H4. And there is a gap in employment since March 2009.
    I have got an offer now and employer will take care of my H1.

    I need to know what is the process of H4 to H1 in this case.? Can anybody help me
    How much time does this change of status takes place?
    The H1 now will be valid for how much time?
    Will it depend on my husband's expiry date of H1. My husband's H1 is expiring in Sep 2010
    Is it not recommended to move out of the country till status is changed from H4 to H1.

    Please somebody reply. Its urgent!

    Thanks in advance


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  • abuddyz
    01-22 09:21 AM
    I sent an email to VFS mumbai to clarify this and here is the reply from them...

    "Kindly note that since the Company has filed an Immigration petition for you and your spouse, so in the column no 36 you need to enter yes and the company�s name."

    I clarified to them that for my wife only I-485 is filed and not I-140.. still their reply was above..

    I am planning to modify the form..

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  • va_dude
    07-20 05:58 PM
    First of all you would need a visa to visit UK.


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  • pvpb
    10-18 11:29 AM
    My case was filed at NSC on august 3rd...transferred to VSC and the 485 was transferred to TSC evn though my 140 is fro NSC...donno the logic behind it though


    I m starting a new thread for people whose 485 packets sent to VSC for receipting and returned back to TSC for 485 adjudication

    PD 10/04
    RD 08/03
    ND 10/12

    I-140 filed @ TSC, I-485 sent to TSC. Checks cashed from VSC and I-485 returned back to TSC

    I-765, I-131, FP are pending.

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  • theOne
    09-22 12:12 AM
    I recently got my gc. Is there anything I need to do to initiate my Citizenship process ?



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  • tarone
    11-28 05:22 PM

    There is wrong priority date on my Labor Certification approval. They
    put 2001 instead of 2002 .
    It looks they apparently mixed date with some other candidate who have
    similar name as mine. They lost his case and put his priority date on mine.

    Now can somebody tell me what are my options?
    I can not file if the priority date is correct on LCA. But If I apply
    for 1-485 using this wrong date, it may be risky because if they find
    the correct date it may be problem.

    Therefore, I don;t want to take any risk, I just want to apply for
    I-140 but should I contact LABOR OFFICE to fix the date and then submit
    the application for I-140. Unfortunately Labor Office is not replied
    yet on my request to fix this issue.

    Any Advice.

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  • rsymonds
    08-04 06:36 PM

    Here is my current Status :

    I485 : Filed in July 2007
    PD : April 2006
    EAD : Valid till 27th August 2010 (filed for renewal last week)
    AP : Valid till Jan 22nd 2011
    H1B : Valid till Jan 22nd 2011

    My employer is still the same who filed for my GC (and helping me keep my H1 current) Last couple of time when I went to India I have used AP to re-enter the US. My wife used her EAD to get a job locally - but now she has quite and she is in India. . I am currently in process of getting my H1 stamped on my passport, get H4 for my wife and son (who was born on July 30 2010 in India)

    MY QUESTION IS : What should we use to re-enter the US ? AP or H1/H4 ?
    Will my H1 and EAD still be valid ? or will I lose one of them ?

    Please let me know. I do not want to take a wrong step since I am so close to getting my GC.



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  • gc_check
    04-25 10:00 AM
    The president can do very little about this. Indeed he tried. It is the congress .
    Did he Really try ? It is a question for debate... Well, he promised something in the first year of the presidency, Well, for Immigration Reform !! Hope and help is still on its way !!! Change is yet to come !!! I do not think, he really put his all or this was one of the agenda with higher priority. Just my 2 cents ! It is just another blame game

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  • seeking_GC
    06-24 03:19 AM
    Hello everyone,
    I have a question which I hope someone can help answer.I have applied in EB2 category and am from India.My PD is July 2005. I have used AC21 recently and changed my employer(i.e I am no longer with my sponsoring employer) I have not notified USCIS of the same.

    I plan to travel to India during September 2008 and use AP to reenter back into the US. Can someone help answer the below doubts.

    1) Since at the port of entry the Immigration Officer will ask whether I am still with the same employer or not- I will have to say I have moved to another company- What happens then?

    2)Does using the AP and subsequent answer of "Yes- I have changed my company" trigger a RFE during the GC allocation process since now I have to prove to USCIS that my job is "same or similar" and my pay is >= the pay mentioned in my LC.

    3) Has anyone successfully used AP after using AC21 and not had an RFE issued during GC allotment?

    Thanks in advance


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  • mjdup
    11-08 03:21 PM
    Yes, this is very sad. I did receive the same email. Monthly $10 wouldn't be much. May be you can get rid of one pay channel or the munchies from grocery store. That's the only sacrifice you had to do !

    It is really pity ! May be its fun to be on Illegal side:)

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  • Rastogi
    06-22 08:01 PM
    Two I140 in process with a difference of one years in the priority date (one original and one recently filled substitution with improved PD). Which I-140 should be used for I485. IF PD goes back to retrogration, the substitution would help with a risk of getting reject as well. The original I140 has less risk but if PD goes in retrogration, it might get years to get I-485 approve. Suggestions?

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  • acecupid
    08-16 07:27 PM
    Go to the indian consulate and get the correction done. They will do it in a single day if you show urgency.

    03-10 01:55 PM
    It is really funny. I guess no amount of me explaining about soft LUD would help. People will still track them and waste their time.
    You can always add corrections, You are the Admin!

    01-08 09:36 AM
    My H1B was filled 4 years back, with 20k less than what I am making as long as i making whatever i filed in H1, I should be fine..right ?


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