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Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran

images Uthamaputhiran – literally Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Actress Genelia in Uthama
  • Actress Genelia in Uthama

  • kirupa
    04-15 03:05 PM
    draino - your first and third stamps look really nice! I will have yours and others' stamps added later today :)

    wallpaper Actress Genelia in Uthama Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Actress Genelia in Uthama
  • Actress Genelia in Uthama

  • Raj Iyer
    10-07 05:14 PM

    Assuming you qualify for a green card under EB-2, your new employer should do a PERM/ apply for an I-140 , and at that time seek the priority date of the already approved EB-3 I-140.

    During all these process, make sure that you are on your H-1B.

    Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Actress Genelia in Uthama
  • Actress Genelia in Uthama

  • krishna.ahd
    03-13 03:38 PM
    here are the visa numbers used in 2006 for EB2 and EB3.

    EB-2: India(3,720), China(3,347), Canada(1,248)

    EB-3 Skilled: Mexico(6,766), Korea(4,375), Philippines(4,114), Ecuador(3,747), Brazil(3,670), Poland(3,230), India(3,006), China(2,477), Pakistan(2,091)

    Assuming there are atleast 300K Indians waiting for visa numbers in the EB2 + EB3 category (including dependents) and 6726 out of them were covered last year, we will have to wait for just another 44 years and 7 months to get an immigrant visa number. LOL
    If everything goes well as planned atleast GC is assured for our children ( for some like me - grand children) .

    2011 Actress Genelia in Uthama Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran Dhanush
  • Uthama Puthiran Dhanush

  • smuggymba
    05-16 12:35 PM
    I am on h4 visa now.It expires in Sep14,2011 .I have a company that wants to sponsor my H1 visa.the start date for the h1 visa would be 1st Oct,2011.
    Does this mean that i will be out of status for Sep14-Sep30, will i have to file for my h4 renewal for that period.also,would it affect my new h1 petition.

    Pls reply

    u can leave and come back on H1 with new problemo.


    Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Exclusive #39;Genelia#39; In Uthama
  • Exclusive #39;Genelia#39; In Uthama

  • chanduv23
    07-08 12:28 PM
    Dear Friends,

    We recently moved our place and we are now in a new apartment.

    We have immigration matters that needs to be updated but we don't know what we should do?
    The following are affected
    1. EAD
    2. H1B
    3. AP
    4. I 485 related things.

    My Ead and Ap has old address and the card also holds the same old address.

    Could you please tell me what steps I must initiate to get this straightened out? Do I need a new EAD card? Please help me.

    Thanks a ton!

    Just go to online address change and do it for all your petitions.

    On another note, is it true that people are getting RFEs when they do address change? Has anyone faced this?

    Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran genelia
  • Uthama Puthiran genelia

  • zone.zo786
    04-23 05:28 AM
    No one here could possibly know. The FULL price is probably going to be around $900 a month. But his employer would pick up, usually at least half the cost for HIS coverage - or around $250ish.


    Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. First Look: #39;Uthama Puthiran#39;
  • First Look: #39;Uthama Puthiran#39;

  • srijay
    08-05 08:41 PM
    It is August now and I have almost completed 3 years of my H1 (with a consulting firm) and I am due for my renewal by end of September this year. I have all paychecks proper so far. At this time, I badly want to go back to H4 for a short break while I keep looking for full time positions in the market. Due to recession and my location constraints, I am expecting an offer only after a few months from now. So, is it possible to get a change of status to renewed H1 immediately after I get an offer? How long will this processing take? Will a potential new employer be hesitant to offer a position because of this? My current employer is not willing to sponsor for my renewal. What is the cost of H1B renewal under normal circumstances?

    2010 Actress Genelia in Uthama Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthamaputhiran – literally
  • Uthamaputhiran – literally

  • pd_recapturing
    04-21 11:26 AM
    I am also in same situation where my salary is much less than what is mentioned in LC. I am not sure if its going to affect my 485 application. I have got my 140 approved though. I have asked this question to attorneys and forums and everybody has the same opinion that GC is for future job so it should not matter if one's wages are not matching with LC.


    Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran Genelia Stills
  • Uthama Puthiran Genelia Stills

  • Charleh
    01-20 11:01 AM
    I've fixed and done a bit more on the project since then - I'll see if I can get a test project to you so you can have a look.

    hair Uthama Puthiran Dhanush Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Genelia In Uthama puthiran
  • Genelia In Uthama puthiran

  • neglur
    10-02 10:19 PM
    My 485 application was recieved by R.Cook@NSC too and no receipts or checks cashed yet. My application was delivered on July 18'th. My I-140 was approved on May 11'th 2007 by TSC.


    Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Re: Genelia in #39;Uthama
  • Re: Genelia in #39;Uthama

  • Widget
    03-15 06:10 PM
    I agree with you. I am not from India and we should concentrat on the problem of the GC problem.

    Guys, please don't start Indian firm bashing here. This site is being visited by people of other nationalities as well as offices of the lawmakers. We don't want to throw mush on the companies of our own country and look small. The info spgtopper has asked for is being asked by our lobbyst, so I would appreciate if you provide the relevant info.
    Just a request. Please delete your posts.
    Thanks for listening

    hot Exclusive #39;Genelia#39; In Uthama Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran Genelia Stills
  • Uthama Puthiran Genelia Stills

  • arnab221
    06-08 08:52 PM
    The preadjucation process is just like bringing a pregnant woman into labor but not allowing her to give birth till the babies number comes . The woman then needs to be painful labor for 28 years ( some member said that’s how long it will take ) , so the baby is grown and healthy ( preadjucated according to USCIS ) , but the doctors from the Department of state ( DOS ) are not allowing the baby to come out into the world .

    USCIC is off late preadjucating the petitions and keeping them ready and many members seem to thrive on just seeing and discussing the LUD dates since by now most of us know somewhere in the subconsious that the GC is a nothing but a bone tied to our tail which we might never be able to bite .

    Some members including me who unfortunately lack the analytical skills of some looked into a very interesting thread some time back which said EB2 will be current within a year . It spoke about 'spillovers' and we all were very happy that finally our baby will see the light of the day . Just like hope never dies I even though the dates have moved back to a date when most of us were in graduate college and the Clinton administration just left , some members are still now hopeful of a "spillover".

    I for one have done what it takes for 4 long years in all ways possible to wake these guys up and now I am honestly least bothered about my GC and I feel the earlier members get to this level of mindset it will give them a lot of mental peace . I am just waiting for my visa to expire or my wall street employer to lay me off( whichever happens earlier ) in which case I also get a free ticket home .
    The expectation that "next month may be the month" will surely kill you long before your GC actually gets cleared ( after 28 years ) .


    house Uthama Puthiran Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. uthamaputhiran-wallpapers (1)
  • uthamaputhiran-wallpapers (1)

  • no_more_anger
    09-22 02:37 PM

    My wife needs an EAD to apply for medical residency in the US. We have our EAD application pending (receipt date Aug 27th). We know we will get our EAD eventually. But the problem is more complex.

    For medical residency, programs call candidates for interviews in Nov/Dec. So they start offering interview slots in Sep/Oct timeframe. If you don't have an EAD card or EAD-approval notice, they will not even consider you. They don't care if you say that EAD will definitely come by Dec (or something like that).

    We tried our local congressman, but even he said he couldn't do anything
    until the 90-day processing time had passed. We tried the local INFOPASS office and submitted an expedite request, but that got denied.

    So we are urgently looking for ways to get my wife's EAD ASAP. If we don't get the EAD in time, my wife will lose an year and in medical residency, every year you sit at home counts (against you).

    Does anyone here have any ideas what we can do ! Note: This EAD is needed for *education* purposes and not for *gainful* employment.

    tattoo Uthama Puthiran genelia Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Genelia in uthumaputhiran
  • Genelia in uthumaputhiran

  • snathan
    05-19 04:41 PM

    My friend got his H1 last year for 2007-2008 and came to US in DEC 2007, he works for IT company. However, since he has arrived he has not been placed on a project and so no pay stub has been generated. He has been on bench for 6 months.(technically without a job but has H1)
    Is he out of status?
    Can he show that he is on vacation till he gets a project?
    Is there any other way?

    Pls help.


    Yes. He is out of status and I dont believe you can show six months as vocation. You need give the reason and proof for the long period of vocation. His employer must pay him the salary even if he is not in porject. Otherwise its illegal


    pictures First Look: #39;Uthama Puthiran#39; Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran Dhanush
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  • dilbert_cal
    06-24 09:19 PM
    Hello All,

    When I was doing my education (MS) my credit dropped drastically and recently like 2 years back it went for collections too. However I cleared all my credit card debts but it still shows on the credit report that as severe deliquencies and number of open accounts.

    Next month I'm applying for AOS - I want to know whether bad credit will have any affect of the approval or denial of the application? :mad:

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


    Credit Rating will have NO impact on your AOS.

    dresses Uthama Puthiran Genelia Stills Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran Dhanush
  • Uthama Puthiran Dhanush

  • thomachan72
    07-08 10:26 AM
    Somebody should open a separate thread with names of attorneys who are not easy / safe to deal with. People can post the names of the attorneys and a brief description (without specifics) about the problem they encountered. This could become an excellent review post for immigration lawyers. we could also maybe put 3 or 4 criteria to score them from 1 to 4. for eg:-
    availability to answer questions
    timely filing
    acurate filing (with all documents)
    current with legal provisions and latest changes
    overall easiness to work with
    etc etc


    makeup Uthama Puthiran Genelia Stills Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran
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  • axp817
    06-27 10:04 PM
    Isn't it a violation of the law, if NO reason is given while denying the 485?

    The only recent case I have seen on IV was where the member got a NOID stating that the 140 was withdrawn/revoked.

    So, here, a reason WAS given.

    Of course, the reason might have been incorrect, as the poster seemed to think.

    girlfriend Genelia in uthumaputhiran Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Uthama Puthiran movie
  • Uthama Puthiran movie

  • bsbawa10
    03-11 09:30 PM
    I have filed for the position for "Progammer Analyst " in company A. I applied for I485 after I140 approval and it has been more than 180 days. I work for company B but in totally different position(unrelated to programmer analyst).
    I just got a job of "Programmer cum Instructor" from company C who is transferring my H1. I do not know if I can invoke Ac21 or not. In case yes, then I think I will never have to join company A. Am I right ?

    hairstyles Re: Genelia in #39;Uthama Images Of Genelia In Uthama Puthiran. Cast: Dhanush and Genelia
  • Cast: Dhanush and Genelia

  • rajeevkaza
    04-09 12:40 PM
    If your 140 is approved and you are applying for extension you will get 3yrs extension for your H1B if not you get only 1yr extension. So wait for one more month from now to see if you get ur 140 cleared. Pls provide more details when n where did u apply ur 140 for us to give u better suggestion, but yes you can apply H1B extension based on ur pending 140 petetion.

    05-07 02:07 PM
    Can anyone recommend on a good local (in OKC, Dallas) or national attorney that is very successful in these cases. Thank you for your help.

    01-01 08:40 PM

    The Indian PM asking for liberalized immigration in the developed world.

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